Earth is Dead, but We're Alive

by Active I

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A one-of-a-kind album from J.Lee and Paradame, fitting for Active I’s brand of often-hard-to-classify hip hop fusion. Spanning 45 minutes, “Earth is Dead but We’re Alive” presents an abstract, and frequently paradoxical blend of misanthropy, cynicism, love, and idealism, in a melodic amalgam chanted over laid back and gritty beats.

*** The Bandcamp exclusive version of the album contains 2 additional bonus tracks, not available on the regular release (iTunes, amazon, etc). The bonus tracks feature appearances by Unlimited MC, Phonetic, Sick Steen, and DMac Uno. The download also contains a lyrics PDF file, and download links to the Lytebryte and Rubber Rooms music videos in HD .mov files ***

The album is already receiving positive press! A few quotes:

"Earth Is Dead, But We’re Alive has so many highlight moments it’d take more time to count them then it would to listen to. Highly skilled and delivering in full-force at almost any moment you could skip to throughout this album – Active I is making more than just a grammatical-mockery of any sentence I write where I use their name – they’re making music with a high-standard of excellence."

-Jer, Sleeping Bag Studios, BC

"Overall, this is one of the best hip-hop albums I’ve heard in years, lyrically as socially aware and political as Public Enemy’s Chuck D, with music that is constantly inventive and imaginative. J. Lee and Paradame are both masters of their craft and the way their talents combine to work in perfect synergy is something special. The production is slick and cutting edge, so, with several potential singles to choose from, this is surely the album that puts Active I firmly on the map. They should be massive."

- Alex Faulkner, UK

"The beats are glitchy, with heavy bass drops that create a huge backdrop for the almost choral vocalizations, while the hip hop stylings are drizzled over the canvas. An entirely pleasant listen"

- Chris Marsh, Crossradar Blog

"There’s a darkness to this electro that I really appreciate and love. It’s not dreary…nothing like that…it’s a tension that exists in the music that is eerily captivating, dangerous and menacing. I can absolutely see dance-crews grabbing onto these dynamic tracks; even in their mellower moments these two have a back-alley mist of mischief that veils each song."

- Jer, Sleeping Bag, Canada


released February 17, 2015

All songs produced by J.Lee Mezus
All songs written by J.Lee and Paradame
With DMac Uno on track 04
And AV, Indijinis, Prapa Gramma, and Lucid on track 10
Additional vocals on track 07 by Kara D
Recorded at AD1 Studios, Seattle, Washington, USA
Mixed by J.Lee Mezus
Mastered by A. Wattson
©MMXV AudioDose


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Common Man
Here in the promised land
Just fear for the common man
We reject Babylon
On deck with some paragon
Adept at discord, free each one of ‘em
Connect with discourse, teach, make fun of ‘em

Is this how it should’ve been, could’ve been more
Follow me down and I’ll open the door
Show you another way, runaway train
It’ll rain on another day, say it in vain
Vanity fuels the insanity, hate
Mad at me tell you to open the gate
Do what is right, are you all really free?
I’ma put up a fight ‘cause I answer to me

What you gonna do if you can't get it done
It’s the same damn thumb on the same damn gun
Seem to me every way I look
Try’n add it up, it’s the same damn sum
Only way to go - down, fuck it
Ain't getting better ’til it kick the bucket
Gone, yup, ha, move on, give it up, kill it
Track Name: Lytebryte
Some of these grown folk
Only get how to live rigid with a lid
But to me it's an old joke
And a fib’s what it is, big biz for the kids
So I laugh when alone
And I hope for the best
Never know never guess
I lay low in the mess
But I'm gonna keep flyin’, while they keep dyin’
I’ma keep playin’, while they sayin’
This how you s’posed to live
That ain't me though, I got more to give
Tell me you know what, I say hold up
I ain't try’na listen to this show, cut
I don't even what the hell y'all about
Try to gimme water from your well, I pour it out
Yup, I pour it in the floor now
And I shut the door, ciao
I'm out, but I get it in
I'm outfitted with a fit wig, finna win
Tell me to live square, but I don't care for that
I know where I'm at
Not here, nor there, no care but

Light bright, light bright
bright, teach flight
Light bright, light bright
Bright, teach flight
Hey x7 Plug it in
Hey x7 Pull the pin

Put you in a box but you think outside, collide
Protons get a free ride, abide
Tossed aside like killers
Fit it nice and neat in a brand new manila, gorilla
Put us in a cage, nicholas
What you expect? give respect it's ridiculous
Fickle bitch fake like Milli Vanilli
So put the brakes on your attitude really
Tell me to grow up, I throw up
Serve it to you in a cold cup
It's mind over matter, don't climb the ladder
I'm serving your fuckin’ ass up on a platter
Do what I wanna do, say what I wanna say
Sent you a memo via fax just the other day
Runaway train, the same can't complain
You're a simpleton, lame, you live to play the game
And you're over here saying get a real job
Tell me what is so real 'bout driving a Saab
And I don't care for rules cause I know there are none
And society dies while I'm holding the gun


If I listen to the system
If I give in, I don’t grow
So I listen to the wisdom in the distance
And I get low
And I keep my, yup I keep my
I keep my eyes peeled
And I creep by, then I leap by
And I watch them die, real

If I listen to the system
If I give in, I don’t grow
So I listen to the wisdom in the distance
And I stay low
And I keep my, yup I keep my
I keep my eyes peeled
And I creep by, then I leap by
And I watch them die, real

Track Name: All Gone
It's the united states of the ouija board
Summoning soul shit
Let's all sit around clueless
While one dick controls it
Hold it, fold it like origami edamame
Get your daddy and mommy, bomb me
If I say that I'm a commie, Mitt Romney attack
As a matter of fact mike Dukakis' zombie is back
Trying to eat another Big Mack
And supersize your Prozac
With fries, what if everyone dies
Gimme the aspartame, msg, and the lies guys

Yup. Fuck it.
Stick a fork in dem ass, turn em over, they're done
All the hope it’s..

It’s all gone; crawl on
It’s all gone; crawl on

I was once misguided by my own vision
It's good I'd rather be blind
Was tryna find somethin’ that'd blow my mind
But there ain’t nothin there
All the good shit's been gone now
For a while now I swear
There ain't nobody home now, the people
All the good shit's been owned now, yeah, the sheeple
Gonna run the whole distance with no fixed position
What ya missing I'm fixing
But I'm micks ’n, it’s farther away, ohh
Further away now yeah, the virtue
Ain't nothin left, it's all just grey, yup


It's the republic of the dumb shits
Fuck it, it's done kids
Me and dead owls don't give a hoot anymore, it's moot
try’na shoot, ignite, and explode barrels of poop
In rooms full of preachers and preschool teachers, whoops!
If you don't know better ask somebody
It's all below the soul and the body, yup
Dumber than dumb - it's a dime a dozen
And it can't get dumber without repercussion
I guess it's time to go, but, shit, it's already gone
Guns already drawn, new dawn already spawned
So hop on, or hop along
I'll put it in a box, put it in a box
Cover that shit with rocks, cover it with rocks
I don't care for none of that shit they trying to sell us, na
I'm gonna say go to hell with your fucking law
It's coming to a low now, low now
There ain't nowhere to go now, go now

Track Name: Nothing Implied (Ft DMac Uno)
Music in my dome, peace I walk with strife
Leap in right
Gas pump forward ground flight
Grey delight but be rappers delight
Drunk man with a beard mobbing’ on a stolen bike
Chillin living life the gives up holy book dirty dust
Opposites is a plus
Rather using life flush
Destination I have reach
Park in now to park have seat
Meet and greet out after we eat
Get some digits back to streets
Here and there chasing cheese for some simple needs
Either solo or with my team
Got tired of my pockets
Dusty rowdy crews of the destruction
Loud air quiet verbal attacks
Eight arm octopus slap
Lost and found two pits a spot
All before the judgement stops
I’m still on move with holey socks

Ain't nobody got nothin on us, na
They a car and we a bus
Running over dust, sweeping robot rust
How many steps in a mile, don't care
My style compare not a bit to theirs
Admit we're rare, get prepared
Take one step from here to there
6 trillion ways to die
They thinkin what ya tryna say, huh?
What ya tryna say, huh?
6 trillion ways to die
They thinkin what ya tryna say, nothin’ implied

Read between the lines, digging mines
Bow to demon shrines
Grapefruit juice and lemon rinds
Bittersweet wanna eat red vines
A metaphor, can I get credit forevermore
Ask me again well whatever for
And I'll tell you again Yeah whatever whore
Get a better score
Your simile's similar, but a little bit simpler
One singular synonym swindler
Your intentions are sinister, list Schindlers
Your consonant's constant
Consistently missin me, tame as a convent
Your phonology's nonsense
Incessantly presently wack as your Content
Been the best from the onset
You get on the mic and we ask is it on yet
I act on autonomy wannabe
Lyrics so sick they perform a lobodomy
That's how it oughtta be
You know that I gotta be me, I’m a prodigy
Word to the wise, surprise
Sound to the sane, brains a disguise


Too many things we thinkin’ about
But I'll never give a damn ‘bout gettin’ it out
Set sail on a duck boat, fail ya suck bro
Give another rim and the end is butt throat
Bitch better give up the game ya lost
A.D. fam running it we the boss
Y'all see me hoss, in a tree bob Ross
Got Bababooey in a field of moss
I wanna get up outta here
Every damn ninny got a cause
And they're begging to open their jaws
But I'll step on ya face
Y'all be like better gimme a helmet
just in case he's serious
Cause all this crap is spurious, so furious
Cause you ain't original like me
Na you wanna be like he and she
But not me bro, oh oh oh
Y’all can’t pay me though
Not enough to make me do nothing
‘Cept Snuffaluffagus in a pool puffing
On a pipe with PCP in it
This crap I dunno what you see in it

Track Name: Provision
An-ar-chi-sm is our vision
End of sys-tem, need provision

Fuck a referendum; goin away
It's over soon, it's blowin away now
Get ready it's growin to stay
Below in the fray for the moment
We sew it today

Used to have reason to be mad
Forgot about it once or twice
I couldn't get past the list price
Sold out visions, a cold doubt livid
Ima fucking product of rolled out livin
A given, a given
It's all good though, forgiven


It’s a countdown, rather count up
What’s up with your mindset? It’s all corrupt
Buy it and use it
He usually screws it and fuck it and leave it
You know how he dos it
Together, we're storming the weather
The system is useless
Whatever, choosing to sever
You know how we do this yeah


But, too many locked in fear
To illustrate things clear
No buffer, can't discover
Got to suffer, let nobody leave
Every damn one of us are so naive
What we doin can we get relief?
Yeah yeah, na na na
Track Name: Fly Together
Hold me up to the light
And you'll see what's inside
I am what's good and what's right
And I'll break your view open wide
I wear the armor the suit the skin
Where you end up is where I begin ooh
I'm original sin
I'd rather die then attempt to fit in
It's again and again
I say goodbye and continue to win, no
Go glow, hold me up to the light

I cannot escape it's true
I'm supposed to do something great, something better
You can do the same for you
Just a different view, you go fly together
Go fly together, go fly together
Like birds of a feather
Go walk the path, live your life to the letter

If you see me step back the only reason is
The light's too bright to even see through the doorway
But it's automatic that I step forward
No sight, take flight yeah right from the floor, hey
Get up, get out, get some
I live by this and just let it come
Would've been a bad move
Mighta been, if I thought it was, but I don't
'Cause thinkin that way's dumb
Status other ya
Finna win it all in a world gone mad
Some badass undiscovered
Under cover as a number and it's all gone bad
But despite that I give back all I can
And we live all that all we can
But all I am is nothing
Just a blip on this endless trip
On the tip of an endless cliff
A rip of an endless hit's
What I need to defend this grip
I'm on the edge of the end
And I don't wanna pretend na na
'Cause I ain't anything but what I see
Ain't no better drug for entropy
Our minds, set ‘em free

Track Name: Brawndo Bandits
Attack of the clones, they after the tones
I’m baffled and lone, and after the throne
I put cones around the perimeter
Gotta keep out the Jones’
They sound too similar
Peep what I’ve grown
I’m deep in the zone
These other crews- pwned
Hah, so get with it
We’ve already twisted it up, and lit it
But I’m lost in a mind trip
Yet all of this matter I’m aligned with
Shit, that’s just how I roll
I fuck with everybody
Fuck with their soul

I can’t get no satisfied mind
Death by witness, suicide, blind
We brew wicked pesticide, why?
Pestilence is in my eye, fine

You try to barcode me, hah
I am far from Idiocracy and mediocrity
I make my own rules
When it comes to this music shit I use tools
From the most divine expressions and sources
Thoughts come from pure spirit
I'm pushed by god forces
A brand new species of sound
Brought through a portal by a new breed, bow down
Some new kids in town
And we are part snake, part lion, part bird
Don’t fuck with no sheep, and we don’t roll with no herd
Uh.  You feed off the residuals
While we create styles like some real individuals

Track Name: The Music
What is that you try’na see so bad
I'm seeing too much of everything and I'm mad
I used to look around for the answer
But then I found out
Everything in life was a cancer
Tried over and over to see past that
Looking for peace, I found the beast
Speed past that
But then I stepped back, after some set backs
Don't need no net/mat, no need to get that
‘Cause, they ain't even ready for my rhyme yet
I get it, see I'm coming from another time, bet it
I tryn switch it up but always
come back to the same drum
I add it up and always
come up with the same sum
All the same, old
Every damn game got the same goal
So, who's gonna save my soul? Huh
The music is the only thing that makes me whole

The music - my sine qua non
I, I, I use it
The music, I use it

Look up, search for the hook up
Or take minute, go on pick a book up
Take that, tell me can you make that
Into a recipe, stressin' me, break that
Feel the weight of a world gone bad
Losing the things that you never had
Focus on only what gets in the way
Living your life day after day
Then you suddenly open your eyes, surprise
You’re paralyzed
And you open the door in your mind you find
You’re no longer blind
The ultimate choice
Fear it, love it, using your voice
Who’s gonna win this fight?
The music is the only thing that makes it right

Track Name: Against the Brain Pt IV
Konichiwa bitches
I've come to take your riches
And if u step to me
I'll have u sleeping with the fishes
Never met another girl as fly as me she wishes
I'm viscous but what is this
It's none of your business
Concrete shoes foos
Take a long walk off a short bridge
You got something to say
Then you can meet me off of Delridge
West side best better run and hide test me
Rest when I've died ride with JLee (-That’s me-) Boss lady status I've been labeled the baddest
and if you wanna doubt
You're bout to breath via apparatus
and I have this and I got it and I fought it
for a minute the fever yeah I caught it
and reveling up in it

It’s all the same
Don’t ask why we against the brain
(Against the brain)
If you don’t get it, whatever
Try and step to us, hah, never
You know the name
Active I we against the brain
(Against the brain)
If you don’t get it, whatever
Try and step to us, hah, never

I’m a been-around rebel on another damn level
Could give a fuck about god or the devil
Finna bypass your fucking high class
With the weak, and the meek
and the geek, and the freak, it’s bleak so why ask?
I’ll bypass your vision
My occupation is to bust your
federation With my ammunition
Given your position
It’d be ill advice to take an opposition to my mission
On a great space coaster
With Captain Kangaroo and Gary Gnu
It’s good g-news for you fool
But a future post apocalyptic toaster
It’s what is, not what we ain’t
It’s what we do

Track Name: Rubber Rooms
Too many lines to wait in
I'm patient, but we patients too
In rubber rooms
Oooh I'm trying to find a way
To make this god within me die
And fly away
Like a steel hawk
Zoom zoom, gone
And a shot go boom, yawn
'Cause they can't evolve
They can't evolve
They can't evolve, no way
Keep on

Somebody called me crazy the other day and I guess I am
You see it don't faze me anymore that I'm not like them
I guess I'd rather do what I do, not be the fool
Not try’na be nothing, I'm cool
I get through the day not knowing rules
And I skip the part where they jump through all these hoops
Can we do that? I did that
Amid slack, and I kick back too
Yup. They don't know how we do it so zen
I do it ‘cause I don't care and I ruin them
They line up for the shot, and they miss
I diss all of your cousin
All of your blood kin
All of your buzzin’
We are a dozen
Against millions


This is the voyage of the starship Enterprise
Lies better to recognize disguise and feign surprise
Slip in, slip out, whenever in doubt
Always generalize
Stay between the lines and wait your turn
Learn to say goodbyes
Or better yet, regret, get it
Better kept in debt, bet it
Look down to the ground
Get in another merry-go-round
Up and down, wheel of fortune forcing hands
Form of torture, foreign lands
Taking lives instead of stands
Jump on the caravan my man
Run, fast as you can
Leave it behind and start over again
I’m done, done, fast as I can
Jump on the train, it’s insane
Time to ditch the plan

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