Nothing Implied (Ft DMac Uno)

from by Active I

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Music in my dome, peace I walk with strife
Leap in right
Gas pump forward ground flight
Grey delight but be rappers delight
Drunk man with a beard mobbing’ on a stolen bike
Chillin living life the gives up holy book dirty dust
Opposites is a plus
Rather using life flush
Destination I have reach
Park in now to park have seat
Meet and greet out after we eat
Get some digits back to streets
Here and there chasing cheese for some simple needs
Either solo or with my team
Got tired of my pockets
Dusty rowdy crews of the destruction
Loud air quiet verbal attacks
Eight arm octopus slap
Lost and found two pits a spot
All before the judgement stops
I’m still on move with holey socks

Ain't nobody got nothin on us, na
They a car and we a bus
Running over dust, sweeping robot rust
How many steps in a mile, don't care
My style compare not a bit to theirs
Admit we're rare, get prepared
Take one step from here to there
6 trillion ways to die
They thinkin what ya tryna say, huh?
What ya tryna say, huh?
6 trillion ways to die
They thinkin what ya tryna say, nothin’ implied

Read between the lines, digging mines
Bow to demon shrines
Grapefruit juice and lemon rinds
Bittersweet wanna eat red vines
A metaphor, can I get credit forevermore
Ask me again well whatever for
And I'll tell you again Yeah whatever whore
Get a better score
Your simile's similar, but a little bit simpler
One singular synonym swindler
Your intentions are sinister, list Schindlers
Your consonant's constant
Consistently missin me, tame as a convent
Your phonology's nonsense
Incessantly presently wack as your Content
Been the best from the onset
You get on the mic and we ask is it on yet
I act on autonomy wannabe
Lyrics so sick they perform a lobodomy
That's how it oughtta be
You know that I gotta be me, I’m a prodigy
Word to the wise, surprise
Sound to the sane, brains a disguise


Too many things we thinkin’ about
But I'll never give a damn ‘bout gettin’ it out
Set sail on a duck boat, fail ya suck bro
Give another rim and the end is butt throat
Bitch better give up the game ya lost
A.D. fam running it we the boss
Y'all see me hoss, in a tree bob Ross
Got Bababooey in a field of moss
I wanna get up outta here
Every damn ninny got a cause
And they're begging to open their jaws
But I'll step on ya face
Y'all be like better gimme a helmet
just in case he's serious
Cause all this crap is spurious, so furious
Cause you ain't original like me
Na you wanna be like he and she
But not me bro, oh oh oh
Y’all can’t pay me though
Not enough to make me do nothing
‘Cept Snuffaluffagus in a pool puffing
On a pipe with PCP in it
This crap I dunno what you see in it



from Earth is Dead, but We're Alive, released February 17, 2015
Produced by J.Lee Mezus



all rights reserved


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