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It's the united states of the ouija board
Summoning soul shit
Let's all sit around clueless
While one dick controls it
Hold it, fold it like origami edamame
Get your daddy and mommy, bomb me
If I say that I'm a commie, Mitt Romney attack
As a matter of fact mike Dukakis' zombie is back
Trying to eat another Big Mack
And supersize your Prozac
With fries, what if everyone dies
Gimme the aspartame, msg, and the lies guys

Yup. Fuck it.
Stick a fork in dem ass, turn em over, they're done
All the hope it’s..

It’s all gone; crawl on
It’s all gone; crawl on

I was once misguided by my own vision
It's good I'd rather be blind
Was tryna find somethin’ that'd blow my mind
But there ain’t nothin there
All the good shit's been gone now
For a while now I swear
There ain't nobody home now, the people
All the good shit's been owned now, yeah, the sheeple
Gonna run the whole distance with no fixed position
What ya missing I'm fixing
But I'm micks ’n, it’s farther away, ohh
Further away now yeah, the virtue
Ain't nothin left, it's all just grey, yup


It's the republic of the dumb shits
Fuck it, it's done kids
Me and dead owls don't give a hoot anymore, it's moot
try’na shoot, ignite, and explode barrels of poop
In rooms full of preachers and preschool teachers, whoops!
If you don't know better ask somebody
It's all below the soul and the body, yup
Dumber than dumb - it's a dime a dozen
And it can't get dumber without repercussion
I guess it's time to go, but, shit, it's already gone
Guns already drawn, new dawn already spawned
So hop on, or hop along
I'll put it in a box, put it in a box
Cover that shit with rocks, cover it with rocks
I don't care for none of that shit they trying to sell us, na
I'm gonna say go to hell with your fucking law
It's coming to a low now, low now
There ain't nowhere to go now, go now



from Earth is Dead, but We're Alive, released February 17, 2015
Produced by J.Lee Mezus



all rights reserved


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