So Many Fearin'

from by Active I

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so many fearin'
they not even hearin'....nothin'
they just believin' what they seein' and they....sufferin'
so many fearin'
they not even hearin'....nothin'
they think they're real but they really....frontin'

so many faux facades and fictional odds
entrusting god's a lost cause
freedom got buried far beneath earth's first layer
can't remember my first prayer
studied the major players, ignored the haters
they wanna steal your flavor
observe the bad behavior
eat up knowledge and savor
don't sign evil waivers
magnify the fine print
take Jacob's ladder, extend it to the sky and climb it
pack extra clothes for the change in the climate
team up with Jack and steal from the giant
yell bangarang and play the golden harp despite them
unite with the lost boys to fight and riot
positive thoughts make you take flight like a pilot
being open minded isn't simple as open eyelids
if you're caught up in yourself
you're probably frontin' and became a pirate
stealin' someone's style, livin' in denial and lifeless
do what you want and fuck what uncle simon says, get it


flyin past, at a rate that separates
particles that put weight on my ship's jets
my R2 checks the view
while my boots deflect radiation off my suit
shoot me, it don't matter i'm just energy
absorb molecules of matter in synergy
i'm laughin' all the time, but i aint jokin'
i clown and watch disaster people provoke
you can master everything they teach without passing
reconstruct thoughts, reach and pass 'em on instead
mission: to infect the brain dead with lead-like properties
that might affect the heads of sheep
but help the feeble
they sleepin, to many running the wrong way
beepin', but nobody wanna get the fuck out tha way
dont wanna run dem over, but yo
they don't even care
think they really hearin nothin
too busy fearin' they scared



from The M Thesis, released February 15, 2011
Produced by J.Lee / Mezus
Written by J.Lee & B.Smooth



all rights reserved


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