And Why?

from by Active I

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that which we don't know, we fear
and why? we don't need to know
you might be dead or you're dying slow
you mighta died a long time ago

fools preach to us everyday, and...
people teachin' the wrong way
the youth fed fear and it's hearsay
while the truth disappear they obey
better stand up, better wanna hold your hand up, shout
we gonna run dem out and bun dem out no doubt
shocked not no, never roll with no bloodclot
with a rhythm message stand up and shake down, with a flood plot
it's easy to fall into the same role
it's tough to be free from the common goal
watch out if you're real you better run and hide
if you think before you feel yo
you're dead cause you've died
the revolution begins on monday
sunday i'll be sippin' rum with nute gunray
some say i'm trippin
they missin' what we sayin'
they pissin' away their freedom, what they fear they obey
dissin their knowledge exceed 'em
tippin their knowledge and feed 'em
dip in their wallets they need 'em
don't need to call it to beat 'em
never had nothing and i don't need none na
whatever, say somethin' to the phony that run ya


be optimistic visualize life like a mystic
be careful with religion
make wise decisions
get people to listen
gain knowledge spread wisdom
speak truth to the children
expose the hidden images
share the gifts that are given
break tradition, never tap out to uncle sam's submission hold
hold out 'til knocked out cold
write in bold dripping mop font to let them know
they prolly died but don't even know
tried to let go, but became ghosts

and why?

why? who knows?
they want ya to be afraid
watching all that we say
we kept caught in the fray
why? huh
don't need to know
they growin' up faster but they dying slow
taught to walk away from living and watch the show
don't underestimate the number of dead sold, no



from The M Thesis, released February 15, 2011
Produced by J.Lee / Mezus
Written by J.Lee & B.Smooth



all rights reserved


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